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Understand Your Paycheck

Note: For iPay signup instructions (including registration passcode), please click here or scroll to the lower portion of this page.

This page explains how to read and use the paycheck stubs ADP provides to NTI employees.

NTI recommends that you regularly review your paycheck stubs to make sure you receive the pay you earn. Besides checking the number of hours youve worked and your pay rate to calculate your total pay, make sure the stub lists your personal information correctly and verify that NTI is withholding the proper amount of taxes for you. You could be withholding too much. Or worse, you might not be withholding enough, setting yourself up for penalties and interest payments when you file your income tax returns.

Questions regarding your paycheck should be directed to the Payroll Department.

What Your Paycheck Stub Looks Like

An NTI paycheck stub will look much like the following picture, although without the numbered green circles.

ADP Paystub example

Information on the Paycheck Stub

The following paragraphs are keyed to the numbered green circles on the image of the pay stub.

  1. Company Information. The name and address of National Telecommuting Institute, Inc., your employer, appear in the top left corner.
  2. Pay Period Dates. Information about the Pay Period appears in the top right corner next to the ADP logo. The Pay Period Ending Date is the last day of the two-week pay period. The Pay Date, usually about six days after the Pay Period Ending Date, is the date that ADP issues paychecks.
  3. Personal Information. This section lists the information necessary to calculate and track your information for tax reporting. It includes your marital status, the number of federal exemptions you have claimed, and any federal or state exemptions or allowances you have claimed.
  4. Name and Address. Your name and mailing address appear to the right of your Personal Information. Always check this information to verify that its correct. NTI will mail your W-2 form to this address in January.
  5. Earnings. This section lists the hours you worked and at what rates during the pay period. Multiply the rate times the number of hours to calculate your regular gross pay.
    • In addition to regular hours, you may also see other pay rates and hours worked in categories such as holiday or vacation hours,(if applicable).
    • Adding the gross pay amounts for your regular hours and any other hours determines your total gross pay for the pay period. This number is listed in the column headed "this period." The "year to date" column just to the right keeps a running total of the earnings in each row for the current calendar year up until the pay period for this stub.
    • In the example, Edward Employee worked 28.51 hours (28 hours, 30.6 minutes) at the pay rate of $11.75 per hour. Edward also earned 2.71 hours of holiday pay at the rate of $11.75 per hour.
  6. Gross Pay. Your gross pay is the total amount you earned during the pay period.
  7. Payroll Deductions. This next major section shows what amounts were deducted from your gross pay for various reasons.
  8. Federal Withholding. NTI will direct ADP to "withhold" (deduct and send to the government) a specific amount from your paycheck based on your total taxable gross wages and the number of exemptions you claimed on your most recent W-4 form. Your pay stub lists the amount deducted and sent to the federal government as payment towards your Federal Income Tax. In the example, the Federal Income Tax deduction for this pay period is $14.57.
    • NTI will send you a W-2 form in late January after any year in which you worked for us. The W-2 form lists your taxable wages and tax deductions.
    • Each period ADP projects your total annual gross income and consults the federal tax tables to estimate your tax bill based upon the number of exemptions you've claimed. If you are not likely to owe any federal tax, we don't withhold it.
    • Keep in mind that NTI's payroll department can not take into account any other income you may earn during the year, and thus cannot advise you on your withholding. You are responsible for calculating the correct number of exemptions to claim on your W-4 form.
  9. Social Security and Medicare. ADP withholds 7.65% of your gross income, up to specific limits defined by the government, for Social Security and Medicare. ADP lists these deductions separately as Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax. Your paycheck states the deduction for both this pay period and for the year to date.
    • In the example, the Social Security Tax deduction is $22.75 and the Medicare Tax deduction is $5.32.
  10. State Withholding. Individual states may also withhold taxes based upon your gross pay. The State withholding amount, if any, appears on your check as State Income Tax. The deduction for this pay period, as well as, the year to date amount will be listed on your paycheck.
    • In the example, the state income tax deduction (for New Jersey) is $4.93.
  11. Other Withholding. Depending upon where you reside, you may have to have taxes withheld for your city or locality too. This deduction will appear on your paycheck.
    • In this example, New Jersey required that another $3.39 be withheld for unemployment and disability insurance.
  12. Direct Deposit. NTI strongly recommends that employees select direct deposit of their paychecks. (You will receive your money faster and the transmission is much more secure than receiving a check in the mail.) This automatic electronic deposit appears separately as an item named "Checking" in the section named "Other." The amount deposited is equal to your gross pay plus all reimbursements and minus all the withholding amounts.
    • In the example, ADP has deposited $389.03 in Edward's bank account. This number is the sum of
      • $366.83 Gross Pay
      • Plus $73.16 of Telecommunications Expense Reimbursement (described below)
      • Minus $50.96 of Deductions
  13. Telecommunications Expense Reimbursement. In some cases, you may be eligible for reimbursement of some of your telecommunications expenses. These reimbursements will be designated "Reimbursement" in the "Adjustment" section.
  14. Net Pay. Your net pay is equal to your gross pay plus your reimbursements minus all the amounts withheld and the amount automatically deposited in your checking account. Because of the electronic direct deposit, however, the net pay line should always be zero. That is, your actual net pay will be deposited in your bank account. ADP will not mail you a printed check for $0.00.
    • In the example, ADP has already deposited Edwards net pay of $366.83 in his checking account, so Net Pay shown is $0.00.


This section is to introduce you to ADP iPay Statements. Through ADP, our payroll provider, NTI is able to offer you access to your earnings statements and W-2 forms 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. After your first payroll with NTI, we will not be mailing out your earnings statements, so it is important to sign up for iPay as soon as possible after your first payroll. Please note: You cannot sign up for iPay Statements until after your first payroll date with NTI .

How to Register on ADP iPay Statements:

Please follow the steps to register and begin viewing pay information online once you have received your first paycheck from NTI:

  1. Go to https://ipay.adp.com
  2. On the homepage, click Register Now.
  3. On the next page, click Register Now again.
  4. Step 1: Enter Your Registration Pass Code: nationaltc-ipay
  5. Click Next (make sure you click Next. If you press the Enter key, it will not allow you to continue).
  6. Step 2: You are at the Verify Your Identity page.
  7. Fill in the following information :
    • First Name:
    • Last Name :
    • Social Security number:
    • Confirm Social Security Number :
    • Birth Month and Day :
  8. Click Next.
  9. You will then be prompted to complete the registration process in Steps 3-6, during which you must answer a few security questions and select a password. Your password must contain between 8 to 20 characters and at least one alpha and one numeric character. You will be assigned a system generated User ID. The security questions will be used to verify your identity if you forget your user ID or password.
  10. You have completed the process to access your pay stubs online.

To view your pay stub

  • Go to https://ipay.adp.com
  • Click Login
  • Type in User Name and Password and follow screen instructions.

  • IMPORTANT: You need to have the correct version of Adobe Acrobat. Please download version 7.0x from the iPay home page or from www.adobe.com.

To have your password reset

  • Send a password reset request to NTI Payroll Department with the specific problems you are encountering.
  • NTI Will reset your password with ADP
  • An email will be sent to you containing a temporary password which will allow
  • you to access your iPay information.

If you encounter any problems signing up for, or accessing iPay Statements, please send an email to NTI Payroll Department with the specific problems you are encountering.

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